The IUC Commons Project is the collaborative online platform for the International University College of Turin's projects on the commons. The IUC is exploring the framework of the “Commons,” communally-held tangible and intangible resources (i.e. public water, forests, the atmosphere – but also shared culture, ideas, information, and traditions), as an alternative to the gridlocked public v. private and state controlled v. free market debate.

The IUC's Commons Projects include:

Commons Sense
The Commons Sense Forum is the meeting place between politics and scholarship and a place for activists and scholars working on and behalf of the commons to develop innovative perspectives and collaborations . The Common Sense platform seeks to be a resource and place to share views from within their specialized fields, and offer opportunities for greater interdisciplinary communication. In the spirit of renewing ‘common sense’ as ‘the philosophy of the non-philosophers’, the Common Sense Forum seeks to develop counter hegemonic narratives challenging the mainstream naturalization of commodification, competition, individualism and private property. It is also the site for the European Charter of the Commons.

IUC Commons Student Research
1) Food
2) Energy
3) Information/Knowledge
4) Sustainability & Development

Resources for Understanding the "Commons"
This is a place share and gather, to upload and download, knowledge on the Commons.

The Common Core of European Private Law Study on Access to Commons
The Access to Commons Study is a study led by investigators Saki Bailey,Ugo Mattei & Filippo Valguarnera, which adopts the fact based methodology developed by the Common Core of European Private Law to investigate the legal institutions that could foster and nurture the commons defined in the tradition of the Italian Rodota Commission as those resources "that are functional to the exercise of fundamental rights and to a free development of human beings." The investigators have selected the following resource access areas to investigate: Housing, Food, Water, Nature, Healthcare, Childcare, Elderly Care, Culture, Knowledge, Education and Spaces for Democratic Participation & Free Association. This study is not limited to private law as the protection of commons touches upon both public and administrative law. Here is the link to our most recent version of the questionnaire and instructions.

International University College of Turin course on "Access to Commons"