Similarities between Greek and Italian Constitutions (Fei, Prosper, Frank, Tanya)

Tanya Skalon:
Greece: how to conduct research in Greek law

Greek newspaper (english), economics, politics, etc., among them "Committee set up to draft 'business-friendly Greece' law",
"Minister promotes investments to French entrepreneurs", "Government launches new investment law"

Some info about Greek economics, among it the OECD Economic Survey of Greece (august 2011) - there you can find the information that Greece is following the path of strengthening economics via strengthening of private sector, privatization and via making more tough the system of taxation. Some of results of these actions you can find in the following articles of Costas Douzinas.

The articles of Costas Douzinas about Greece in the Guardian

Greece: social enterprises responding to welfare needs (7 chapter) - some information about social enterprises: new types of enterprises in Greece made mainly for new working places and employment opportunities