1. Eman Bessiso
2. Ady Chinchay
3. Giang Duong
4. Drew Kossen
5. Elisiana Malle
6. Michael Strebe
7. Lorenzo Triolo
8. Ly Vuong

Research Strategy:

First of all we explored our research areas and we examined our common ground. Then we divided our research into conceptual areas. First, the bulk of the group did have ideological underpinnings to our arguments. For example, economic or moralistic arguments. From this we deduced that at least some of our research was based on the same groups of philosophers and economic thinkers. Then we discussed if our group was focused on similar regions. As it turns out, we are all focusing on different regions and shared research in this area will be difficult.
We will however keep uploading papers, articles and resources that we think might be useful between us, as we examined everyone's focus.