Amedeo Della Croce
Group: food

This paper explores the intention of Spinelli, the author of the “Quaderni di Ventotene”.(1941) He is the father of the European federalists.
In the first part I’ll analyze the core idea of Spinelli: the Europeans need to put together Coal Steal and Agriculture, in this way there will be no more wars in Europe.
In 1958 at the Stresa Convention, the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) is born, anyway in the first decades of his creation the CAP has subsidized in particular big farms. This is against the Spinelli view’s because the goal of the Common Agricultural Policy is to guarantee good wages for the poorest party of the society, the farmers. Nowadays this approach is changing (2010), is necessary to subsidized small farmers because they produce in are more sustainable way and they produce better products.
In the second part I’ll analyze the Common Agricultural Policy in the 80’s and in the 90’s, because in this years there were many agreements with third states (development states) to permit them to export they products in Europe. This approach is the Spinelli’s one because the Agriculture Policy was orientated to help not only the Europeans farmers (that in the 80’s and in 90’s were already very rich) but also the farmers of the poorest countries.
In the third part i’ll analyze the new reform of the Common Agricultural policy that wants to become more sustainable and fair and subsidize small farmers that are able to compensate the externalities created by the big farms.