Thesis Statement

On this thesis, I will explore the intention of Susana Ferreira who was the author of "deforestation, property rights and international trade”. I have grouped scholars from different academic backgrounds. I have divided them into two categories of theories based on their attempt to fit on the impact of deforestation on environment stability, I have named these schools: private property (government/individuals) and the other school is international trade (investors).My thesis will aim to analyse how these two schools of thoughts put forward their arguments on the environment especial deforestation and the miss use of land. The research was to let people know on possible different causes of deforestation and how economics through international trade (trade liberalization) can contribute distraction of environment. This paper will reveal the solution for this problem. This paper also will show the importance of property rights on forest in managing environment as a common resource and it will explains how institutions such as property rights have influenced land use. However I will also focus on how people interpreted the author’s idea and their criticisms on author’s work.

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