1. Olena Bazylska
2. Alfonso Encinas
3. Dana Mazia
4. Lugano Mwakapala
5. Suzelie Seide
6. Ksenia Sergeeva
7. Paihan Wang
8. Li Ying

Research Strategy: ENERGY

Dana (Historical approach): What was the way energy was ruled in the Industrial Revolution?

She plans to make an introduction about the history of Industrial Revolution (in general), and then write about the specific subject of energy within that historical episode, following the upcoming of the next Industrial Revolution (because of the development of solar energy and other power resources).

Paihan Wang (Genealogy approach):

She wants to trace the genealogy of clean energy production.

Alfonso Encinas (Semiotics approach): What is the best property management regime for the production of energy using non-renewable natural resources?

He will write about three schools of thought: private management, state management and public-private partnership management, review some experiences with those systems, and eventually determine which one (if any) can be considered “the best”.

Ksenia Sergeeva (Sociological approach): "Energy S.O.S.: Russian experience in adoption of energy-efficient technologies"

She wants to write about the Russian experience with the adoption of efficient energy production technology.

She will discuss broadly about private-public management and many other subjects within her field of research.

Olena (Interdisciplinary approach):

She wants to research about the future use of renewable natural resources for energy production, and she will employ the fields of sociology, political science, law, ecology.

Suzelie (Comparative approach):

She wants to make a comparison between two countries in the Latin America about a specific kind of energy, named Electricity, to see how different or similar the management of this energy resource is for those governments and how they manage to make it accessible to the population.

Lugano (Intentionalist approach):

He will research about what do scholars have to say about how the search for development has affected energy resources, and how do people benefit from natural resources, particularly in Africa.

Li Ying (Policy Paper): How can a government produce new renewable alternative energies?

She wants to research about the current policy focus on management and usage of renewable energy and how to generate new ways to substitute non-renewable energy by using efficient environment-friendly technologies.